Free iPhone with 250 CALS

To celebrate the release of our new software based token system, free iphSMSPassword is giving away a iPhone 6S Plus with 250 CALS during May,June, July or August.


Let’s check the advantages of SMSPassword;

4 times lower total cost of ownership
No confusion with passcode or pin numbers. No separate management consoles. Build on existing standards. Uses existing Microsoft Active Directory as database.

4 times faster to setup
We made our system light and smart, we don’t need to add windows’s roles, change the active directory schema, require a database. Even better, installation is not even mandatory, just copy and paste the .exe files. This while remaining redundant. Many independent professionals confirm it; SMSPassword is extremely simple to implement!

4 times lower priced
One of our biggest competitor’s list price is four times ours. Many competitors cost annually our perpetual price. That’s right, our license are perpetual, no returning costs.


-A purchase of minimum 250 client access licenses must be made in one purchase.
-The purchase must be closed, the money of the purchase has to be on our account during May, June, July or August 2016.
-When not explicitly bought in addition, these purchases don’t come with support.
-The phone cannot be traded for anything else.
-SMSPassword reserves the right to change terms and conditions.

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