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SMSPassword offers a risc free implementation track; In order to make sure SMSPassword works in your environment, please request a trial. You can test with two users to see if and how it works in your environment. We recommend everybody to do this before purchasing, to make sure everything works in harmony with your environment. Load balancing, complex scenario’s, they are all testable with the trial version. All licenses are perpetual.


SMSPassword pricing list
 (valid from 1-1-2018 to 31-12-2018)
SKU/tier Client Access Licenses Price per UNIT
SMSPW_A 1-2 free trial
SMSPW_B 3-75 €36.00
SMSPW_C 101-250 €28.00
SMSPW_D 251-500 €26.00
SMSPW_E 501-1000 €24.00
SMSPW_F 1000-5000 €21.00
SMSPW_G 5000-10000 €18.00
SMSPassword Token Manager
SMSPW_TM per AD €1199.00
SMSPassword App
SMSPW_DROID Free with token manager for Android €0.00
SMSPW_IOS Free with token manager for iOS 0
SMSPW_UWP Free with token manager for Windows 0
A100 SMS Dispatcher Ethernet Device *
A100_EU 1-10000 €349.00
A100_UK 1-10000 €349.00
A100_US 1-10000 €349.00
Support remote hourly
SMSPW_RCARE_A 0-4 €120.00
SMSPW_RCARE_B 4-40 €100.00
SMSPW_RCARE_C 40- €90.00
Support on site – travel expenses may apply
SMSPW_CARE_A 0-4 €200.00
SMSPW_CARE_B 4-40 €130.00
SMSPW_CARE_C 40- €120.00
All listed prices are in Euro and without Value Added Tax. While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all prices, SMSPassword reserves the right to correct errors and adjust prices.


More information about the SMSPassword A100 SMS dispatcher can be found here.

Implementation help?
We offer remote support, to assist you with setup questions and other questions. The support is only available in English. We can use a variety of remote control systems like, teamviewer.

Need on site help?
SMSPassword collaborates internationally with a network of specialists who can arrange an complete implementation. Contact us for details.

Need a quote?
Contact us for a quote.

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