SMSPassword midsummer madness

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SMSPassword midsummer madness, during the summer months (may-aug 2018) we have a special promotion; paid customers of SMSPassword can apply for a free license for VDIDrones. (more information To apply use the license tool to determine your site details and use the qoutation contact form to transfer your site ID ( 

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SMSPassword version released

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SMSPassword releases version, the biggest new feature in this release is: Self Service for end users. This self service feature allows end users to change their mobile phone number or change their token. This will result in a much lower TCO because no IT staff has to spend time to manage users for SMSPassword.

Some of the other changes are; bug fixes, support for explicit and implicit UPN (eUPN and iUPN), and support for web proxies.

Get a free trial of SMSPassword today!

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SMSPassword is now part of the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program

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Congratulations on successfully completing the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program. The Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program

SMSPassword is Citrix Ready

was launched to identify and showcase partner products that are proven to smoothly integrate with Citrix products, and that work to enhance Secure Remote Access by adding extra layers of security.

The Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program serves as an aid to IT executives in quickly and easily finding and sourcing solutions for their Secure Remote Access needs, helping to secure organizations’ corporate networks from theft of data, DDoS and other security attacks that may be perpetuated via remote access.

We are pleased to announce your company as one of the most valuable and successful partners to complete the Citrix Ready Secure Remote Access program. Below is the webpage we have designed to showcase the participants and joint White Papers.


Anil Kumar HC | Citrix Ready Technical Marketing Lead, Network Ecosystem

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New SMSPassword white paper online

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The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Not so long ago, a workplace referred to a physical location. But with the increased mobility that technology has enabled, boundaries are blurring. A workplace is less a place and more a concept. It is a technological leap that offers great opportunities and conveniences for employees and employers alike.

But the world is also becoming increasingly dangerous. Incidents of cybercrime are escalating at unprecedented rates. The need for remote access to systems, networks and data has never been greater, and each user granted remote access becomes a new target of opportunity for criminals.

Many companies still rely upon the ancient defensive methodology of password protection. But password defenses are all too easy to breach — 73 percent of the population reuses passwords, according to TeleSign, vastly diminishing their effectiveness.1 Accordingly, password protection is a flawed methodology that, in many cases, does little more than momentarily slow a cybercriminal’s greedy grab for proprietary data and system access.

Two-factor authentication provides a much more robust defense than a simple querypassword system. This paper describes SMSPassword’s industry-leading two-factor system and discusses how two-factor authentication can make all the difference in foiling today’s technologically savvy cybercriminals. Also described is the effectiveness of teaming Citrix NetScaler with SMSPassword’s two-factor solution to meet the growing need for a remote access security solution for enterprises worldwide.


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By : |November 10, 2016 |News |Comments Off on E2EVC 2016 ROME, NOVEMBER 18-20, 2016 HOTEL ROMA CITTA, ROME, ITALY

Our 31st (Thirty First! 14 years running) E2EVC Virtualization Conference in Europe on November 18 – 20, 2016 (Friday to Sunday) will take place in e2evc_headerROME, ITALY, H10 Roma Citta Hotel, Via Amedeo Avogadro, 35, 00146-Quartiere Marconi-Rome ( We expect visitors from all over the world, on average 25 countries including most EU states as well as visitors from USA, Canada etc. We expect about 30 sessions, 170 attendees from about 25 countries, topics will be virtualization and virtualization related topics from Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and more. Everyone is welcome to volonteer to present – please inform us about your slot early as we run out of slots really fast!

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SMSPassword is now officially tested with Window Server 2016. As expected SMSPassword passed every test and works with Windows Server 2016.

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Receiver for Windows 4.5 is available for download now.

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Receiver for Windows 4.5 is available for download now. This release supports the Windows 10 anniversary update and adds important HDX enhancements, and also simplifies the configuration for Receiver. citrix-logo

SSON Configuration check:

SSON (pass-though authentication) configuration involves number of steps required for a secure single sign-on solution. Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.5 introduces the SSON configuration checker in advanced preferences, which enables the admin to identify if certain steps are missed in the configuration. This tool also gives the suggestions to the admin on how to correct the configuration.

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Voting is now LIVE! – Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2016

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Voting is now open for the Spotlight Video Contest 2016!

Voting page URL –

Make some noise and promote your Finalist video. Include our hashtag #CRSpotlight2016 and @CitrixReady in your social media promotions. Refer to the email below for more promotional details.


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SMSPassword is FINALIST in the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2016!

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Dear SMSPassword,CTX_R_Dimensional_RGB

Congratulations! Your video “You need 2FA!” has been selected as a FINALIST in the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest 2016!

I’d like to personally congratulate you for making it to the top 10 finalists. The videos were judged keeping three criteria in mind— innovative content, Citrix integration of the product, and effective storytelling. Your video had a positive outlook on all three parameters.

As a finalist, you have also won a Citrix Ready Infographic and Podcast with DABCC. We will reach out to you separately to initiate these marketing assets. Your video will also be featured on your profile page in Citrix Ready Marketplace!

We kick-start this by hosting your video entry on an exclusive Citrix Ready page for popular voting. We will be sharing the voting page link and other details with you shortly. Citrix Ready will run exclusive campaigns to promote the finalists through the voting period. Voting page will be LIVE for 30 days.

The top three videos with maximum number of votes will be announced as winners at the end of the voting period. Winners will get an opportunity to run exclusive demand generation programs with Citrix Ready!

Thank you once again for participating in the contest. Please reach out to me for any other questions related to the contest.

Best of luck!

Divya Saggar
Manager Marketing, Citrix Ready.

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