Secure your infrastructure with Multi-factor authentication.

What is SMSPassword? With security being more and more important, SMSPassword allows secure two-factor authentication.

The brilliant part about this system that it adapts to your existing infrastructure. It uses your existing Active Directory, and it uses your employees mobile phone to send a SMS password.

How does it work?

❶ First users logon with their normal credentials.

❷ After that SMSPassword will automatically send a one-time/temporary password to the persons cell phone by SMS. The user enters this password, and is allowed access. This one-time password expires in minutes.

There you got two-factor authentication without the need of tokens, using existing resources in your company.

SMSPassword key features

More secure than tokens
In addition to the existing username and password, a temporary password is send to mobile phone.

Proper Redundancy
Never have a single point of failure.

Easy integration
Integrates seamlessly with your existing active directory.

Your own infrastructure
You pick how and where your SMS messages are dispatched, can be 3rd party, or internal with your own Modem/SIM card

Cost effective solution
Use your existing GSM plan,with unlimited SMS! No returning costs.

Great, but is it redundant?

While single node operation is possible, SMSPassword was build with redundancy in mind. SMSPassword can be up scaled to as many nodes as your load balancer allows. Each node replies to your load balancer with a heartbeat.

If a server, service, network or something else fails, the node will be detected as ‘down’, skipping it for as long as it doesn’t respond to the heartbeat. Allowing the other nodes to continue the authentication process. Every node is self sufficient and operate autonomously.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory. Every node can operate autonomously, every operational configuration setting is stored in active directory. Without the need for a custom schema, or additional user attributes. It simply uses the mobile number attribute found in a existing database: Active Directory.

No need to buy and distribute expensive tokens. No need for your users to always have the token with them. Everybody always have their mobile phone with them, even abroad.