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The world is becoming increasingly mobile. Not so long ago, a workplace referred to a physical location. But with the increased mobility that technology has enabled, boundaries are blurring. A workplace is less a place and more a concept. It is a technological leap that offers great opportunities and conveniences for employees and employers alike.

But the world is also becoming increasingly dangerous. Incidents of cybercrime are escalating at unprecedented rates. The need for remote access to systems, networks and data has never been greater, and each user granted remote access becomes a new target of opportunity for criminals.

Many companies still rely upon the ancient defensive methodology of password protection. But password defenses are all too easy to breach — 73 percent of the population reuses passwords, according to TeleSign, vastly diminishing their effectiveness.1 Accordingly, password protection is a flawed methodology that, in many cases, does little more than momentarily slow a cybercriminal’s greedy grab for proprietary data and system access.

Two-factor authentication provides a much more robust defense than a simple querypassword system. This paper describes SMSPassword’s industry-leading two-factor system and discusses how two-factor authentication can make all the difference in foiling today’s technologically savvy cybercriminals. Also described is the effectiveness of teaming Citrix NetScaler with SMSPassword’s two-factor solution to meet the growing need for a remote access security solution for enterprises worldwide.


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