A100 SMS dispatcher

A100 product photo_lo resThe A100 SMS dispatcher is a hardware device that allows SMS messages to be send over the GSM network from an ethernet connection. When the mobile phone SIM card is installed in the A100 SMS dispatcher, the A100 accepts messages over the ethernet connection to send Short Message Service messages. The A100 works with the SMSPassword service, and allows the SMSPassword service to dispatch SMS messages to users.

The A100 SMS dispatcher should be placed on your LAN/private network.A100 product photo_back low res






The user manual for the a100 SMS dispatcher can be found here.

Parameters of equipment

Power DC12V/2A +- 10%
GSM band 900m/1800m
Power consumption Max 5 W
Network adapter 2 RJ45
Weight 0.10KG
Operating temperature 0-40 C
Operating humidity 40%-90% not congealed